Monday, November 15, 2010


If you're looking for an easy Thanksgiving turkey cupcake recipe, well they don't come any easier than this. Why is it so easy? because I used a chocolate cake mix and ready made chocolate frosting.

When you watch the video it's pretty easy to tell that I'm not exactly a super serious teenage Martha Stewart. Unlike other bakers that are churning out cake decorating videos that are super polished; I'll admit my mistakes and tell you how about my mistakes (like you can't see them, right?) and share tips on what I SHOULD have done or what I WISH that I had done that might have gotten better results.

It wasn't just the cake mix and store bought frosting that made this such an easy Thanksgiving turkey cupcake recipe; using the candy corn to make Tom Turkey's tail feathers instead of making them out of orange, yellow and red fondant was a stroke of pure genius. Especially since I had such trouble making the turkey's waddle and eyes!


If you look closely you will see that the candy corn is supported by a large, feather-shaped wedge of dark chocolate that I made from melted Hershey bars. I wish that I had used chocolate bark instead of Hershey bars because it would have been stiffer than the milk chocolate that was almost too soft to hold up the candy corn! It kept trying to flop over!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


You can see the recipe that I used at the beginning of the video.  As far as its being an EASY FONDANT RECIPE...well, this was my very first attempt at making fondant myself and things went pretty well.  The reason that I had to learn how to make fondant myself was because I had volunteered to make baby shower cupcakes and some of the cake decorating supplies that I ordered online showed up and some.did not.  The mini-rolling pin and food coloring made it in time, but at the last minute I was notified that the frosting and a few other items would be shipping way too late.

This unfortunate turn of events caused me to start looking for an easy homemade fondant recipe and directions suitable for a beginner.  I really started to consider hiring  a professional baker at this point but I had spent all my money on books and baking supplies that I thought were going to be an excellent investment!

You see, at the time that I made this video I had never frosted a cupcake in my life and had never heard of crumb coating much less made a fondant bow.  PLUS, I had just had my nails done for a beauty pageant and was afraid that they were going to be dyed purple from the gel food coloring that I used to color the tiny bow that I put on top of the cupcakes.  I tried using latex gloves but they were too big for my hands and being a total beginner, they were making the job even harder. 

BUT, all's well that ends well and nobody at the baby shower seemed to notice that the bows on the cupcakes were not perfect and the reviews on the taste of the frosting that was the result of the easy fondant recipe were all positive!  In fact, I got an "order" for some Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes at the party!  I have lots of leftover fondant that I'm going to dye in fall colors and use for my fondant turkey's feathers so stay tuned to see more easy cake decorating ideas!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I just found these easy ghost cupcakes from over at Baby Shower Decorating Ideas blog that you can put together fast!  Why would you need last minute Halloween cupcake ideas?  Well, one scenario might be that you ate more of the Trick or Treat candy than you intended.  Well, chocolate does that to people (I speak from personal experience) and I would be the last person on earth qualified to say, "Shame on you!"  Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, right?  

OR maybe you were just put on notice that there would be a very special little witch or goblin showing up at your door that deserves something special.  Chances are that parents that don't know you personally will not appreciate homemade baked goods showing up in their kids' Trick or Treat bags, but those who know you well will appreciate these easy ghost cupcakes because for thing, they are just as cute as can be and for another..they are totally delicious! 


Welcome to my new "edible art" blog!  :D There are pictures of cupcakes coming but I just started it and as you can see it's definitely a work in progress. I'm not even sure that this is template is the one I want.  I know, what does BLING and BUTTERFLIES have to do with fondant cake decorations and buttercream frosting...

Just give me time to get everything like I want it so I can focus on cool cupcake and cake decorating ideas</a> for the holidays, baby showers and beyond!  I'm not a professional baker but I hope that you will enjoy seeing my work and communicating with me and the other crazy cupcake maniacs that are sure to show up!
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